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What you’ll learn in this course…

  • Best practices for professional interpreting in a medical, business, and legal setting as well as effective set-up and protocol for telephonic and VRI from a home or business office. By the end of the course, you will be able to set up your own VRI home office and promote your skills to others. Interpreter service users will be able to identify and assist in the application of these professional standards. HIPAA, PHI, and prevention of overfamiliarity are addressed, among other medical and legal Interpreter Ethics. Conference interpreting may be addressed in a subsequent series.

  • Set up VRI platform.

  • Set up appropriate telephonic home interpreting platform.

  • Identify and implement professional interpreter standards.

  • Understand the essentials of HIPAA and protecting PHI in a medical setting.

  • Understand interpreter ethics in a legal setting.

How do we keep things clear? What is “Interpreter Voice”?

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